Clifton Forge area code list

Access the most complete database of Clifton Forge carrier statistics. Use our Clifton Forge phone numbers list to find the needed number or numbers. New numbers are uploaded regularly, and so our database is always up to date.

State: Virginia
Area codes: 540

If you want to find out more information about a caller, Clifton Forge area code will help you with that - find the correct code to locate the caller. In case of unsolicited calls you can simply block all unknown numbers with this area code, and usually it is the best way to cut off dozens of scam calls.

Usage Statistics
Carrier Statistics

Finally, our Clifton Forge phone numbers list includes both landline and wireless phones so that you could easily identify a caller, regardless of what kind of telephone they use.

Prefix Usage Carrier
(540) 862 - Landline Lumos Telephone Inc.
(540) 863 - Landline Lumos Telephone Inc.
(540) 865 - Landline Shentel Communications