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Rating 33%
Usage: Toll-free
Area Code: 833
International Number Format: +18334940937

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Mike 20.10.2021
Unsafe Scam
eBay scam

Jen 22.10.2021
Unsafe Scam
There was an official looking receipt for an eBay purchase with PayPal. It included a phone number, which I called but didn’t give them anything other than the info on their order sheet. Stated that someone in NC ordered this 2800$ Copier from ebay with PayPal which they said was linked to my checking account (therefore electronic check) when first they said it was a check, I told them that would be irresponsible to take a check without proper ID, thus this story. What continued this as I kept them busy, was that I checked my ebay and PayPal and eBay had no purchase recently, PayPal showed no recent transactions that I haven’t made, BUT my checking account was linked as payment. So while they “looked up” info and I stalled giving them info, I confirmed that this and the other “found” charge of 2100 was not mine. Something odd about him asking me if the account would even cover the amount charged, although I was fairly sure it was a scam before that, made me confident it was. Of course I told him no, and the whole thing would be charged back from my bank and I needed their official address and contact info for both the authorities looking into the person alleged to have used my account and to also handle any disputes with them. I was put on hold. Yeah then I hung up. They are getting better at this, smarter, and correcting their tells. Beware. This number was the number that was on the “invoice” and it already has one scan alert.
Jen 22.10.2021
Also associated email addresses don’t fully show until you click on them and are generic gmail not a company name. I’m sure they will just make more but they used: [email protected] [email protected] I kept them going and made the original call back to them based on their invoice in order to gather info but this can be dangerous and you could end up confirming your info to them for scamming. When in doubt just call your bank (in this case— the one linked to your PayPal) or PayPal if you want to verify a transaction.
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